Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First post!


This is my first post in my very first Blog. And to star it off, I'm posting one of my very first digital paintings, that I so pleasingly labelled: JOY!

This drawing started off as a simple and basic pen and paper sketch on the side of my animation disc when I started my career as a 2D animator and it always seemed to make me smile to just add-up hooks and details in when I got tired of working on a scene that never seemed to end. It helped me stay focused and reminded me that drawing will always bring me joy, because I could always count on imagination to entertain me when I got bored out of my mind. Consequently, I gave it a second life when I started working on my Intuos3 Wacom tablet a while back. This is an old piece, but I would say it could very well be the first piece that really got me hooked on drawing for a living ;)  

I'm trying this Blog thing to share my imagination with whoever wants to see and maybe share some thoughts and comments.

So welcome and enjoy!

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