Thursday, September 22, 2011

Illustration: Zombie Self Portrait

Yep! I love Zombies so much that I made a portrait of myself infected...If you know me, you’re probably not that surprised...

Illustration: Death Squad

This illustration was quickly made to use as reference for a life sized oil painting I did for one of my good friends a while back. But, every once in a while, I add in more detail and polish this digital version when I get bored or want to try out a new brush in photoshop. So don't be supprised if I post an updated version now and then ;)

Speed Painting: Post Apocalyptic City

Theme: Post Apocalyptic City
Done in 30 minutes in Photoshop

Illustration: Reserection Corps CD Cover

I'm pretty proud of this piece because it was for the album cover of my verry own little bro's band: Ressurection Corps (

Sketches: Aztaka Ennemies

Here are sketches of some of the many enemies that made Huitzilo's quest a living hell! Center is the notorious wizard Ehecalk. The aim here was to create a universe of characters based on the Aztec culture and mythology, but with a splash of modern day fantasy.

AZTAKA: Level concepts

Here are a few level concepts I did to help create the evil wizard Ehecalk's temple. The whole game is a side scroller based game and the backgrounds where initially supposed to be done in 3D with a painted feel, but after many trials an errors, we soon realized that making these environments in full 3D demanded allot more work to really make them capture the essence of what we had in mind. So, we reverted to painted backgrounds with multiple levels of parallax. The end result looked good, but the only level that lacked the depth given by parallax was the temple, because of the initial direction, and we sadly didn’t have that much time to rethink or redo too many assets.

I learned allot from this experience, in this case;  I think it is better to give more time in pre-production and test out small sections before going on to too many asset productions, otherwise you can get to a point where it’s too costly to go back on an idea and you have to compose with what you got.

AZTAKA: Dracatek

The dreaded Dracatek, the evil wizard's pet dragon that terrorized the villagers and took helpless victims to the wizard so he could transform them into the mindless half-men, half-beast warriors of his dark army. I really had a blast doing this concept!

Sketches: Aztaka main character

Here are a few rough sketches I did in 2006-2007 when I had the privilege to work as Art Director on a small independent game project named AZTAKA for CITEREMIS ( Working with limited resources and trying our best to make a dream come true, those where the days ;)

The sketches where the first concepts to help identify the main character of the game, a young half Aztec god named Huitzilo, on a quest to save his people from the grips of the evil sorcerer Ehecalk.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Speed Painting: Nightmares

Theme: Nightmares
Done in 30 minutes in Photoshop

I always found that the thing that scared me the most (and I’m not easy to scare) are freaky children who don’t belong in scary places. I mean, an abandoned house can be scary, but imaging that same abandoned house in which you could see a pale faced, almost emotionless child passing by the doorway... That just makes it sooo much more troubling, don’t you think?

Speed Painting: Insect People

Theme: Insect people
Done in 30 minutes in Photoshop

Speed Painting: Battle

Throwing in some speedpaintings in here! Me and a few of my colleagues at Sarbakan( started a speedpainting challenges once in a while during lunch to shake things up by forcing ourselves to draw a randomly chosen theme under 30 minutes. I found that this was and is always a great way to learn how to be more efficient on getting to show an idea quickly and clearly. Even though it is sometimes a relatively painful experience and not all that is done in these challenges is worthy of being seen…;)

This particular theme was simply called: Battle.

Illustration: Beauty and the Beast

For the 2009 Ripper Skateboards Fairytale Chicks series, I only did one illustration and I chose the Beauty and the Beast theme, but in a sexy cyberpunk fashion of course ;) By then, I was starting to discover new and amazing filters, brushes and blends in photoshop and I think you can really see the difference in the render from the 2008 series to the 2009 series.

the 2008 Ripper Skateboards fairytale chicks boards

As much as I loved doing these illustrations, it still blows my mind to see them printed on actual skateboards!

Illustration: Snow White

The third and final illustration I did for the 2008 Ripper Skateboards fairytale chicks series, but not the least. I always found it kind of freaky to have a chick like snow white living with 7 lonely dwarfs...I guess that’s why I had so much fun drawing this piece :)

Illustration: Alice

Now, this is the second and without a doubt  my favourite illustration for Ripper Skateboards, the troubling yet sweet Alice. Just the premise of Alice in Wonderland opens up the door for soooooo much fun for an artist like myself. I guess I could draw an infinite number of versions of this character and never get bored.

Illustration: Red Riding

Yes! As you will soon find out, I love to draw pin-ups! So, I share with you all today my version of Red Riding Hood, the first in a series of classic fairytale chicks that I had the privilege to illustrate for Ripper Skateboards in 2008. (

First post!


This is my first post in my very first Blog. And to star it off, I'm posting one of my very first digital paintings, that I so pleasingly labelled: JOY!

This drawing started off as a simple and basic pen and paper sketch on the side of my animation disc when I started my career as a 2D animator and it always seemed to make me smile to just add-up hooks and details in when I got tired of working on a scene that never seemed to end. It helped me stay focused and reminded me that drawing will always bring me joy, because I could always count on imagination to entertain me when I got bored out of my mind. Consequently, I gave it a second life when I started working on my Intuos3 Wacom tablet a while back. This is an old piece, but I would say it could very well be the first piece that really got me hooked on drawing for a living ;)  

I'm trying this Blog thing to share my imagination with whoever wants to see and maybe share some thoughts and comments.

So welcome and enjoy!