Thursday, September 22, 2011

AZTAKA: Level concepts

Here are a few level concepts I did to help create the evil wizard Ehecalk's temple. The whole game is a side scroller based game and the backgrounds where initially supposed to be done in 3D with a painted feel, but after many trials an errors, we soon realized that making these environments in full 3D demanded allot more work to really make them capture the essence of what we had in mind. So, we reverted to painted backgrounds with multiple levels of parallax. The end result looked good, but the only level that lacked the depth given by parallax was the temple, because of the initial direction, and we sadly didn’t have that much time to rethink or redo too many assets.

I learned allot from this experience, in this case;  I think it is better to give more time in pre-production and test out small sections before going on to too many asset productions, otherwise you can get to a point where it’s too costly to go back on an idea and you have to compose with what you got.

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